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Ramandeep Sodhi will be honored with Global Pride Punjabi Award in Canada

Surrey : Punjabi Bhavan Surrey, Canada has decided to honor the famous Punjabi journalist Ramandeep Singh Sodhi with ‘Global Pride Punjabi’ award. Sukhi Bath, head of Punjabi Bhavan and dedicated to the service of Punjabi mother language, announced in this regard that Ramandeep Singh Sodhi along with his family will be honored during the fifth annual function being organized at Taj Park Convention Center Surrey, Canada on 8th and 9th October 2023 in Surrey. will be done. Every year, this organization honours one Leading personality of punjabi community who have made great achievements in the world and who has given good guidance to the society. This time, the management of this organization has decided that the award of ‘ Global pride Punjabi’ should be given to renowned Punjabi Journalist Ramandeep Singh Sodhi for his great achievements in Punjabi journalism. Sodhi has served the mother tongue Punjabi through Punjabi journalism in different countries of the world like Canada, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Dubai, New Zealand and many more , we haven’t seen any other Punjabi journalist has contributed this much for punjabi community so far, it feels us and the punjabi’s so proud , By interviewing Canadian Punjabi personalities, political leaders and social leaders, he had given them a exposer to the entire Punjabi community. His Popular shows ‘Neta Ji Sat Sri Akal’ and ‘Janta Di Sath are on of the Favourite Programmes in Punjabi diaspora. Organisation feels proud to mention that Mr. Sodhi is also a trend settler in the Punjabi digital media for his transparent, daring and honest journalism, said Sukhi Bath. So all the members of the Punjab Bhawan feels proud for his contribution in raising the issues to unite and strengthen the punjabi community. Our organisation has decided to honour him with Global Pride Punjabi Award.

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