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JJ Singh’s behaviour, threat to voters shameful : Capt Amarinder

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Chandigarh: Shameful and disgusting’ was how Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh on Monday reacted to reports of his opponent from Patiala General JJ Singh’s threat not to do any work, if elected, for those who did not support him in the just concluded assembly polls.

 Captain Amarinder termed Singh’s angst against the voters who did not back him as reflective of his lack of propriety and reprehensible disregard of the democratic institution of election, in which he is obviously a misfit. It is not about victory or defeat, but about the probity of the democratic pillars on which our nation stands, said the PPCC president, lashing out at Singh’s obnoxious attitude towards India’s vital institutions.

The Congress chief ministerial candidate said he had faced many a vile opponent in his political career but none who could stoop to such appalling lows. Singh’s behaviour, said Captain Amarinder, was embarrassing for any one who had lived an army career, where “we are all taught to be humble and inspiring people by leadership.”

 Dubbing Singh a failure on all counts, Captain Amarinder said he had refrained from commenting on his opponent’s behaviour earlier, lest it affect the voting pattern. However, Singh’s behaviour was worrying indeed, said Captain Amarinder, who also took to the Facebook to vent his anguish at the deplorable actions of the SAD candidate, who “spent the day after polling going around our colonies be ratting the voters on not voting for him, and threatening them that when he became their MLA he would not forget their disloyalty.”

 Describing that as  strange behaviour for a would be leader, Captain Amarinder said that fortunately for Patiala, the best Singh can hope for is saving his security deposit. “Perhaps that would put at end his political ambitions forever, and save the people from the unstable behaviour he professes, and the army and my fellow ex serviceman from the constant embarrassment of watching his erratic antics,” said Captain Amarinder in his post.

 Singh, said the PPCC president, “forgot all what he has learnt in his army career – whether it is a battle of the bullet or the ballot – one must strategies and implement that strategy by suitable tactics. One must be humble and inspire the people with ones leadership. He failed on all accounts.”

 “He was exactly what a person going into an election should not be – boisterous, arrogant, abusive, drunk in public, and foolish to a degree. He may have been my opponent, but I too was embarrassed by his behaviour, being from a service which I have always loved,” Captain Amarinder posted.

 This brings me to my fear, he said, adding that the government must seriously go into the selection process of our Chiefs. “After General Rodericks interference in the selection process only to keep out Gen Airy, the whole system is now in favour of ‘ birthday’ generals. From Field Marshall Carrippa, General Thimmya to Field Marshall Maneckshaw we now come to JJ Singh! Frankly i thank the almighty that there was no war in his period of heading the army ( if Patiala is any indication of his ability) – that aside, the security of the nation comes first and playing around with a system is certainly to my mind detrimental to the nations security. The services must know that they have the best man on top to lead them. This affects morale, besides in this age of technological warfare we need all round competence and most of all the necessary requisites of fine leadership.”

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