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Kejriwal, Badal are both `meesne lutere’, says Captain Amarinder

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Gill/Sahnewal, Even as he dubbed Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as a `toli of luteras’ (gang of thieves), Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday said he would shatter Parkash Singh Badal’s prestige to smithereens in Lambi, just as the Akali leader had shattered the pride of Punjab and its people in the past 10 years.

 Captain Amarinder was referring to Badal’s appeal to the people of Lambi to give him votes as his prestige was at stake in these elections.

 Clubbing Kejriwal and Badal as `cunning thieves’ (meesne lutere), Captain Amarinder lashed out at the two leaders in his public rallies at Gill and Sahnewal in Ludhiana district, saying both deserved to be thrown out of Punjab.

 He appealed to the voters to ensure a 2/3rds victory for the Congress to save the state from the clutches of such `goondas’.

 Hitting out at Kejriwal, Captain Amarinder asked why he did not trust Punjabis and was stationing outsiders on poll duty in Punjab. Can’t he find any Punjabis to support him, asked Captain Amarinder, assailing Kejriwal for his arrogance in believing that people would vote for AAP on his name alone.

 Even as he challenged Kejriwal to swear that he will not become Punjab’s chief minister, Captain Amarinder said the AAP leader could not be trusted with his promises, as was evident from the fact that he had chosen to enter politics even after swearing on his children that he would not do so.

 AAP, said the Punjab Congress chief, did not have a single experienced leader who could run the state. Kejriwal had failed to put an end to drug trade in Delhi so how could he make such a promise in Punjab or be trusted with the governance of the state he did not know anything about, Captain Amarinder asked.

 Pointing out that the AAP leader had repeatedly run away from debate and was running away even now from contesting the polls, Captain Amarinder said Kejriwal could not be trusted on any count as he was infamous for making false and misleading statements and doing flip-flop on his stand on various issues.

 AAP would be completely wiped out in these polls, just as the Akalis would be left with no place to hide their faces after the elections, said the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) president.

 Captain Amarinder did not spare the Badals from his lashing and attacked the Akali leaders for ruining the state’s industry and destroying a generation of youth with their drug mafias.

 Reiterating that he had chosen to contest from Lambi to give a good thrashing to Badal, Captain Amarinder said he would teach the chief minister a lesson and also give a lesson to all politicians that they could not hope to get away with cheating and looting people.

 Captain Amarinder flayed the ill-conceived implementation of demonetisation, which had devastated Punjab’s industry while causing extreme harassment to the people.

 Reiterating his promise to reopen all cases of fake FIRs and ensure that the innocent get justice, Captain Amarinder said the stoning incidents against the Akali leaders, while unfortunate, were a sign of their pent-up anger. The state does not need old-fashioned sangat darshans but required modern economic management to resolve its problems. Badal should, in fact, sit at home and tend to his rose gardens, said the PPCC president in a lighter vein.

He called upon the people to give a decisive mandate to the Congress as these elections were a fight for their and Punjab’s future. If this opportunity is lost, Punjab will never revive again and be able to restore its lost glory, he warned.

Sahnewal Congress candidate Satwinder Bitti also addressed the public rally in her segment, with an appeal to the people to strengthen the hands of Captain Amarinder. In Gill, the party candidate Gurdeep Bains was at Captain Amarinder’s side to campaign for the party.

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