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Dares `sneaky, slimy’ Kejriwal to fight him from Lambi if he has guts: Captain

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Captain Amarinder launches Congress poll campaign with vow to hang Badals, all others found guilty of religious sacrilege, drug mafia

Mehraj : Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday launched his party’s election campaign from Mehraj in Rampur Phula with a scathing all-out attack against the Badals, vowing to hang them from their heads along with all others guilty of religious sacrilege and drug mafia, even as he dismissed cowardly Arvind Kejriwal as a `small and sneaky man’ who did not have the guts to fight him on the electoral battleground.

Captain Amarinder was addressing a massive rally here after taking the blessings from the 6th Guru Badshah at the Mehraj gurdwara in Rampura Phul, with which he said he had close emotional ties since his family had settled here in 1305 when they first migrated to Punjab from Jaisalmer.

Vowing to wipe the Badals out of the state, which they had brought to its knees with their misgovernance and misdeeds, Captain Amarinder said he had decided to fight Chief Minister Parkash Singh on his home turf of Lambi in order to free Punjab from the clutches of the Akalis, who had been looting the people of the state for the last 10 years.

He also challenged Kejriwal to come and fight him in Lambi if he was really so confident of sweeping the Punjab elections, as he claimed to be. Punjab does not tolerate cowards like the AAP leader, said Captain Amarinder, adding that if left to AAP or the Akalis, Punjab will never be able to restore its lost pride and glory.

Amidst loud laughter from the crowd, Captain Amarinder said he would ensure that `Kejri Kujri’ does not succeed in taking over the state, with which he has no connect. Describing Kejriwal as a slimy crook and a liar of the first order, Captain Amarinder said AAP was a party of outsiders which was getting outsiders to campaign and coordinate the elections since they did not have any trust or ties with Punjabis.

Asserting that his government would work 24/7 to bring Punjab back on the track of development and progress, Captain Amarinder said he would launch immediate inquiries into all incidents of major crimes such as religious sacrilege, as well as the drug and other mafias, to pin responsibility. “I will hang the guilty from their heads, even if it is the Badals themselves who are found to be implicit in such crimes,” he declared to thunderous applause. Captain Amarinder charged the Badals with trying to inflame communal passions to polarize voters by not getting a proper investigation done into the cases of religious sacrilege in the state in recent past.

Amid loud cheers by the crowd, an emotional Captain Amarinder expressed the hope that he would be able to celebrate his birthday on 11th March, the day of the counting for the Assembly polls, with a victory. The crowds cheered him on, saying that the entire state would together celebrate the birthday of Captain Amarinder, who, at 75, would become the longest living leader in the state from his generation.

Referring to the problems faced by Punjab under 10 years of Badal misrule, Captain Amarinder pledged himself to fulfilling all the promises made by him and his party, including farm debt waiver, for which 33 lakh people had signed forms. He further promised to bring industrial growth back on its rails, and reiterated his commitment to continue with all the ongoing public welfare schemes, accusing the Badals of spread misconceptions to the contrary in order to mislead the people. “From power to water to atta-dal scheme, no welfare programme will be stopped by my government,” he declared.

Pointing out that the crowd at the rally was indicative of the pent-up anger among the people against the Badals, Captain Amarinder once again vowed to finish off Badal politically, while promising to sweep the state clean of all his mafias immediately on assuming power. He reiterated his promise to finish off the drug mafia within four weeks of forming the government, as he had sworn on Gutkasahib.

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