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Patiala : The Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today declared that peace, communal harmony and development would be the main agenda of the SAD-BJP alliance for the ensuing state assembly polls.

Addressing the public gatherings during Sangat Darshan in Patiala (Rural) assembly segment here today, the Chief Minister said that peace and communal harmony were the catalyst of development in the state due to which the state government has accorded top priority in preserving and strengthening these ethoses. He said that the state government has taken historic initiatives for the well being of each and every strata of society. Mr. Badal said that besides strengthening the bond of brotherhood and amity in the state the alliance government has ensured all-round development of state in last decade due to which Punjab was leading the country in every sector.

The Chief Minister said that following the path of socialism and secularism, the alliance government has taken a number of steps including Atta-Dal, Shagun, Pensions, Mai Bhago Vidya Scheme and others for the welfare of the weaker sections of society. Likewise, he said that the state government has done an onerous task of preserving the glorious history of Punjab by constructing several memorials. Mr. Badalsaid that the SAD-BJP government had already cherished the long desire of the people of all faiths from the state to offer an opportunity to pay obeisance at sacred cities by embarking Mukh Mantri Tirath Yatra Scheme. He said that under this scheme state government was organizing free trains/bus service for the pilgrims along with other logistic facilities.

Lashing out at the Congress party, the Chief Minister said that the tyrannies of the Congress with the state have surpassed even the record of Mughals and Britishers as this anti-Punjab party has irrelevantly meddled not only in social, economic and political but even the religious matters of the state. Mr. Badal said that no true Punjabi could ever forgive Congress for sins like Operation Blue Star and the killing of innocents in 1984 anti-Sikh carnage. He said that the Congress has inflicted a severe blow to the Punjabis by depriving them of their capital, legitimate share in river waters and even Punjabi speaking areas.

The Chief Minister slammed the Congress party for hatching the conspiracy to rob the water of state by digging the Satluj Yamuna Link (SYL) canal. He reiterated that Punjab neither has spare water to share with anyone, nor any need for the construction of SYL canal and nobody would be allowed to construct this canal in future. Mr. Badal said that the Congress has divested the state of its rights by giving water to Rajasthan, Haryana and other states.

Recalling the grave conspiracy conceived by Congress to divest the state of its legitimate share in river waters, the Chief Minister held the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi squarely responsible for Punjab’s crisis as she forced the erstwhile Congress Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Darbara Singh into signing an agreement to give away Punjab’s waters to Haryana. Mr. Badal also held state Congress Chief Amarinder Singh responsible for inviting Mrs. Indira Gandhi to start the digging of the canal at Kapuri in his own constituency Patiala by offering her a silver spade to start the digging.  He said that while Congress rejoiced the
occasion, the SAD had launched a long peaceful democratic morcha for Punjab’s interests as a result of which no river waters went out of Punjab after that.

Taking Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to cudgels, the Chief Minister said that it was anti-Punjab and anti-people in character. He reminded the people that AAP leadership was also hell bent upon turning the state into desert by robbing its water. Mr. Badal said that the leaders of this party were having an anti-Punjab mindset that could prove very fatal for the state.

Later on interacting with the media persons, the Chief Minister said that the demonetization move of NDA Government led by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi would prove very beneficial for the countrymen as this step has been taken in larger interest of the country.  He said that after initial hiccups this scheme, which was the brain child of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, would act as a catalyst to wipe out the parallel economy propelled by Black money and corruption from country besides several other social maladies.

Highlighting the significance of Sangat Darshans, the Chief Minister said that it was the flagship program of SAD-BJP alliance government aimed at ensuring the well being of every strata of society. He said that this was a pro-people exercise being conducted thoroughly in a transparent manner. The Chief Minister was accompanied by his Joint Special Principal Secretary Mr. Kumar Amit.

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