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AAP describes Navjot Sidhu an opportunist, self-centered and directionless man

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Chandigarh : Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) today lambasted BJP turncoat and Congress leader Navjot Sidhu for joining anti-Punjab forces and weakening the people’s movement against corrupt regime and backing an illicit political alliance between Capt Amarinder Singh and Badal family.

 In a statement issued here AAP state convener Gurpreet Singh Waraich said that if Sidhu was targeting Badals for corruption, it would not absolve Sidhu of complicity with SAD-BJP’s corrupt regime for ten years. His wife was Chief Parliamentary Secretary and didn’t came out of government and Navjot Sidhu also turned blind eye by staying away from Punjab for the last about seven years. Sidhu was partner in Badals corruption and their crimes.

 He has not switched from one corrupt party to the other but also changed his political father. He addressed Badal as his father yesterday but Badal says Sidhu was calling him dad. Sidhu’s newly acquired father is as corrupt as his new father.

 Waraich described Sidhu an opportunist, self-centered and directionless man who is not better than a rolling stone. He said that Sidhu has sided with the Congress party for self-glorification with the hope that Congress would offer him post of Chief Minister of Punjab. He said that Sidhu had branded Congress party mother of corruption and held them responsible for the 1984 anti-Sikh carnage. “The political conviction of Sidhu is rare exception of immorality in Indian politics”,he said

 Waraich said that Sidhu had targeted Badal family for corruption and amassing huge wealth in ten years but why he kept silence on the corruption of Capt Amarinder Singh who was an accused in Ras.400 crore scam of land acquisition by Amritsar Improvement Trust and Rs.2300 crore city center scam of Ludhiana. The Congress led UPA government was neck deep in corruption with multi-billion scams in Common Wealth games, allotment of coal mines and 2G spectrum. Being BJP MP Sidhu was seen in Lok Sabha targeting Congress on corruption in center and Punjab. Is Congress now a holy cow and only savior of Punjab, Waraich asked Sidhu?

 AAP convener also questioned volte face by Capt Amarinder Singh on Sidhu. He has now called Sidhu a prized member of his team. Not long back when Sidhu was shuttling between different political parties for a prize post, Capt Amarinder had called Sidhu a ‘disgraceful’ person. To be precise Capt Amarinder called Sidhu and his wife ‘ useless and indiscipline couple’, citing Sidhu only fit for comedy. Capt Amarinder and  Sidhu have no road map for Punjab and they both target the chair of CM, which would remain a pipe dream, assures Waraich.

 Wariach said that Sidhu was busy in his comedy shows when all these years farmers of Punjab were committing suicides, the unemployed youth were protesting on roads and protesting employees were being hounded and beaten by Police. Even being a member of BJP he never spoke against drug menace and escaped with a convenience excuse of ‘party discipline’ to bail out himself. SAD was not alone in spreading drug menace, the BJP was equal partner in all the evils of SAD-BJP government. Not only Sidhu, all BJP leaders were mute spectator to the activities of drug mafia headed by Bikram Majithia.

 Waraich also reminded Sidhu that Capt Amarinder Singh was the sole Congress leader who opposed CBI probe into the drug racket in which his nephew Bikram Majithia was involved. It is stunning that Sidhu had joined hands with same power which are responsible for devastation of Punjab. Sidhu must tell the people of Punjab what is his stand on involvement of Bikram Majithia in drug trade.

 AAP convener said that Sidhu would not be able to save the sinking ship of Congress and advised him to stand by the people of Punjab and not become part of the illicit political nexus between Capt Amarinder Singh and Badal family. Sidhu must apologize for maintaining silence over misdeeds of Badal family.

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