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A mega awareness and Screening camp for non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) organised in 12 Wing Airforce Family Welfare Centre Chandigarh

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Chandigarh : Malwa Bureau :

A mega awareness and Screening camp for non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) organised in 12 Wing Airforce Family Welfare Centre Chandigarh. Group Captain Dr MPS Marwaha told that an awareness and screening camp for common non-Communicable diseases e.g. Cancer, Hypertension and Diabetes etc. was organised by KV 47 Alumni and SIPHER (Strategic Institute for Public Health Education and Research) in association with AFWWA (Air Force Wives Welfare Association), Resource Centre for Tobacco Control PGIMeR and Cancer Care Charitable Society for the “sanginis” (wife’s of Air-warriors) and KV Staff.Dr Meenu Sabharwal examined lady patients to screen for NCDs.

It was conducted at Family Welfare Centre,12 Wing Air Force Sector 47 Chandigarh and was inaugurated by Mrs Neetu T Singh President AFWWA , in which a total of nearly 200 people underwent BP, Blood Sugar, Bone Mineral Density test, PAP Smear, Mammography, PSA, Blood tests, and Oral check-ups. In addition, 21 Awareness sessions regarding prevention of Cancer Hypertension and Diabetes were held. Mrs Singh appreciated the efforts of KV 47 Alumni and SIPHER for organising the mega event collaborating with other organisations. The Alumni were represented by Dr Rakesh Gupta, Brig. Jatinder Arora and Mr Romi .

Dr Rakesh Gupta, President SIPHER elaborated that as per Cancer Statistics, 2020 report from National Cancer Registry Programme, India, the incidence of patients with cancer was higher for females than males for the year 2020. The projected national cancer incidence burden in 2020 is 98.7 per 100,000 population. The common 5 leading sites are breast, lung, mouth, cervix and tongue. The majority of the patients with cancer were diagnosed at the locally advanced stage for breast (57.0%), cervix uteri (60.0%), head and neck (66.6%), and stomach (50.8%) cancer, whereas in lung cancer, distant metastasis was predominant among males (44.0%) and females (47.6%), so regular awareness and screening for cancers is important.

Prof Sonu Goel Director RCTC PGIMeR informed that as per National NCD monitoring survey NNMS conducted during 2017–18. More than one-third adults were physically inactive, the majority consumed less than 5 servings of fruits and / or vegetables per day and mean salt intake was as high as 8 g/day. Proportion with raised blood pressure and raised blood glucose were 28.5% and 9.3%.

12.8% of adults (40–69 years) had ten-year Cardiovascular Disease CVD risk of ≥30% or with existing CVD. He added that Tobacco in all forms and Alcohol, Obesity, inactivity, high salt and sugar intake are the major preventable risk factors for all NCDs, which are responsible for more than 60% deaths in India. He cautioned the participants to avoid the risk factors for a healthy life.

Cancer Care Charitable Society participated with four well equipped Vehicles having facilities for Mammography, PAP Smear, Bone density testing, PSA tests to screen for prostate cancer in males, Oral Check-up and for awareness videos. Mr. Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal is the Chairman/Global Ambassador for the Society and working in the field for more than two decades.

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