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7000 computer teachers to hold state level protest rally on November 25 in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh : Honey Garg, Patiala District President, Computer Teachers Union, Punjab said in a statement to the press that on November 25, thousands of computer teachers from all over Punjab would rally in Chandigarh and besiege the CM House.  Computer teachers have been struggling for a long time for merging in their education department but instead of complying with the demands of the state government and bureaucracy, computer teachers are being exploited day by day and the future of computer teachers is being jeopardized. The Punjab Civil Service Rules mentioned in the appointment letters of computer teachers are not being applied to them.

The union leaders said that the computer teachers were being deprived of the facilities available under the Punjab Civil Service Rules such as interim relief, ACP, leave encashment, medical leave, CPF etc. It is also pertinent to mention here that about 70 computer teachers have died in the last few years. Their families are being forced to cry. The dependent families of these computer teachers were not given any financial benefits or government jobs on compassionate grounds. In the last four years, there have been several meetings with government ministers and officials, but instead of finding a solution, they have come up with something out of the ordinary. Under this series 3 panel meetings have been held with the new Education Minister on 12th October, 18th October &17th November. But no action was taken by the education department officials. In meetings with the Chief Secretary to CM on October 18 and November 12, he acknowledged that all the demands of the computer teachers were justified and that the conditions laid down in the letter of appointment had to be applied to them. Even after being granted, the Punjab government is not complying with the demands. Due to which there is a lot of frustration among all the computer teachers In protest of which Computer Teachers Union, Punjab will hold a state level protest rally in Chandigarh as it is fed up with the stubborn attitude of the state government.

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